Nov 202020

Mill Stream Grange members Lisa Goucher (r) and Jill Sampson (l) delivered a box of dictionaries to the Cape Cod Hill School and the Mount Vernon for the third grade class on Monday, November 16, 2020.

“We wanted to continue this community service despite Coronavirus?restrictions and all due caution was taken during delivery,” said Grange Secretary Jill Sampson “We missed being?able to present them ourselves but safety was our first priority”.??

Nov 062020

Visit Jonesborough Grange’s Winter Wonderland

Join us for a FREE socially distanced community Christmas Social at the Jonesboro Grange Hall on December 6, 2020, from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. to walk through a winter wonderland, drop your letter off to Santa, and enjoy cookies and hot cocoa! Santa will be arriving from the North Pole for all to see.

Please email Jonesborogrange357atgmaildotcom  (Jonesborogrange357atgmaildotcom)   for more info on how to volunteer or donate cookies. Covid regulations will be followed. We ask all who attend to use have sanitizer at the door and wear a mask while you walk through our winter wonderland!

Nov 042020

How sweet it was!

Hollis Grange members with the help of friends of the Grange, Steve & Terry Cote, were happy to participate in this year’s Trunk or Treat event in Lebanon, ME.? The event was held Saturday, October 31, 2020, from 5 to 7 p.m. at Darlene’s Pizza on Route 202 in Lebanon.? Members of Hollis Grange donated bags of candy and the friends of the Grange put together treat bags for distribution for the event. We set up two vehicles for candy distribution.? One was passing out the treat bags and the other one with the help of our skeleton friend “Buddy” passed out candy while supporting social distancing.? The event was fun and entertaining.? We distributed 75 goodie bags and lots of candy.?? Hollis Grange making a difference “One Project at a Time!”

Webmaster’s note: Special thanks to Chris Corliss for including copies of signed permissions to post these photos!

Sep 262020

Highland Lake Grange “Cleans Up” at Cumberland Fair Grounds

By Dave Gowen, Master
Highland Lake Grange

If it’s late September, then you will find the members of Highland Lake Grange (Westbrook) setting up their fair booth display at the Cumberland Fair. Of course, that is not the case in 2020.

After the Cumberland Farmer’s Club canceled the 2020 fair, members of Highland Lake decided to reach out and ask the club if there was anything the Grange could do to help them out. The response was a resounding Yes!

On the evenings of September 23rd and 24th, six members of the Grange cleaned and painted over half of the display cases in the exhibition hall, including the booths where Granges make their displays every year. We divided into three husband and wife teams and spread out through the hall to keep our distance from each other.

Although the Grangers were sad to see the fair grounds dark and empty, they did walk away with a good feeling that they had done a little something to help keep the fair moving forward. And they were also able to satisfy their annual hankering to go to “the fair”!

Sep 182020

Webmaster’s Note: Larry Bailey, Master of Ocean View Grange in Martinsville, said it would be okay to share his recent message to the Ocean View members. He could have written this to Grangers everywhere! When he replied to my request, he added, “…The examples of what other Granges are doing is very helpful, instructive, and energizes me. I know we can do more and I know that doing so improves our community and ourselves. It is, perhaps, selfish but, I get great self-satisfaction from cleaning up a local road, giving an award to deserving citizens, providing free meals to veterans, paying heat bills for those who need it, placing flags on the graves of our servicemen, and the other things we do at Ocean View.” Congratulations to Larry and Ocean View Grange for exploring tradition and new directions!

The words from the Exploring Traditions Column are for you to think about. I believe we need a new round of Grange fever. Most of us have been Grangers for several years and have seen our energy and enthusiasm slow down. It is not rare that this pattern takes over after a period of time.? I think new ideas and new directions are what we need. Those of us who joined and worked so hard to save the Grange still have that feeling that the Grange needs us and all our members. I can’t tell you what new ideas and directions we need to follow but our members are creative enough?to come up with some ideas.?I think we will be back in full action after the end of the year and hope we can start anew with excitement, energy, and determination. I am going to give it my best effort and hope each of you will too.? When thinking about what new paths we can blaze, I hope you still realize that we are not in the Grange to make money from our activities. We are an organization dedicated to helping our community, friends, and neighbors in any way we can. Yes, it takes money to do a lot of what we do but more importantly, much can be done with neighborly effort alone.

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Oh, and by the way… Larry and I both ordered some cheese from Goot Essa!

Sep 172020

By Christine Corliss  (christinecorlissatymaildotcom)  ,
MSG Community Service Director

(207) 457-6265

Community Service Book Contest

It is with great pleasure that the Community Service Committee announces the winners of the 2019-20 Community Service Book Contest.  Judges were very happy with the quality of the books and it was a very small difference between the top five books.  Judges again this year had a very hard time, they also commented that even though this pandemic Granges have made a wonderful effort to still do community service.  The judges and I are greatly appreciative of the handmade books that Grangers are still taking the time to make. The creativity is superb, It gives the committee great pride to hear that our wonderful state that is so spread apart is still making a difference around the State of Maine.

  1. Maple Grove Grange #148
  2. Valley Grange #144
  3. Enterprise Grange #48
  4. Highland Lake Grange #87

Granger of the Year

Walter Boomsma of Valley Grange #144 was nominated by Valley Grange and has graciously accepted his win.  Walter has helped not only Valley Grange and Piscataquis Pomona start and continue Community Service projects over the year, he has helped this committee in many ways.  Some people may not understand the importance of having someone who is watching out for you when you are so nervous that you feel you may fall on your face.  Walter has done that over and over again for this committee.  Sometimes the smallest things have the greatest impact on people.  Walter has been that person, which in this committee’s eyes is a shining example of Granger of the Year.  The person that runs things behind the scenes rarely gets credit for what they do so, I personally would like to say Congratulations Mr. Walter Boomsma, and thank you from the words of encouragement to the reminders, right down to the work you do on the website. 

Family, Health and Hearing

There was one Grange this year that came up with a very unique way to let the other Grangers know about Family, Health & Hearing issues during this pandemic.  They sent out emails & letters promoting FH & H items even when they were not meeting.  This shows dedication on the part of the FH & H Director of this Grange.  The judges and I were highly impressed with such dedication.  Great job and wonderful work. The winner this year is Highland Lake Grange #87.

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Sep 132020

By Christine Corliss  (christinecorlissatymaildotcom)  ,
MSG Community Service Director

(207) 457-6265

Hope all is well and everyone is happy, healthy, and safe. We hope that everyone is looking forward to working on community services for the new year. Community Service & Family, Health & Hearing Program Book will be posted on the Maine State Grange website soon. Please check over the packet a few changes have been made to the Family, Health & Hearing contest. Have fun with this contest this year.

Community Service & Family, Health & Hearing year end report has been sent in and winners are listed for 2019-20. Congratulations to all the winners. It was great to read them all and see everything that Granges in Maine have done over the last year. Books will be mailed back to the Secretary of your Granges October 15, 2020. Books were wonderful again this year and thank you to everyone who sent in a book and/or activity sheet this year.

Family Health and Hearing

September is

  • Sour Dough Bread Month
  • CMT Awareness Month (Charcot Marie Tooth)
  • Childhood Cancer Awareness

October is

  • International Babywearing Week
  • National Bullying Prevention Month
  • World Vegetarian Day – October 1, 2020

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Sep 122020

Webmasters note: MSG Community Service Director Chris Corliss requested we post this letter she received from Peter Pompper, National Grange Community Service Director. For additional information and the form mentioned, contact Chris or Peter!

Greetings State Grange Directors,

As the National Grange Community Service Director I am proud of the work so many Grangers have done in their communities during the COVID 19 crisis. Granges and Grangers have stepped up to the plate and have done some amazing things. Grangers throughout the country have made thousands of facemasks which have been and still are being distributed in their communities. Granges have started or supplied food giveaways or supplied meals for those on the front lines. These are only a few of the community service projects that have been done.

On the National Grange level, we would like to gather information on what you or your Grange has done during this crisis Our National President, Legislative Director and Communications Director can use this information when they meet with other leaders of National Organizations, Legislators or for press releases. I realize Grangers do not like to brag about what we do but now is the time. I have prepared a form that you can use to report what your Grange has done. I strongly encourage Grange members to let me know what you/they have done to help in their communities. If you as a State Director know of individual Grangers who have gone above and beyond please share this with them or fill it out and send it to me. I ask that if possible you distribute this with your respective Pomona and Subordinate counterparts.

The form is on the NG website, will be distributed to the Granges or you can contact me directly and I will make sure you get one. The form can be completed and returned to me as soon as possible. They can also be completed as you finish a project that is planned for the future.

Mail to: 1608 Culbertson Ave Myrtle Beach, SC 29577 phone ? 609 820 6239
Email: communityserviceatnationalgrangedotorg  (communityserviceatnationalgrangedotorg)  


Pete Pompper
National Grange Community Service Director

Sep 012020
This article is reprinted with permission from an e-newsletter published by Paul Stearns, State Representative for District 119.

With the belief that safe, stable housing is critical to the health and wellness of a community, MaineHousing’s Community Aging in Place Grant began in 2017 to support the replication of Bath Housing’s aging in place initiative. The inaugural funding year provided support for five Public Housing Authorities (PHA) and expanded to six PHAs in 2018. Now in its third year the program has expanded to 10 partner agencies, eight PHAs and two Community Action Agencies.

The program concept, modeled after Bath Housing’s Comfortably Home program was originally established in 2015 and based on the evidenced based CAPABLE program from Johns Hopkins University. The Community Aging in Place Grant Program offers no-cost home safety checks, minor maintenance repairs, and accessibility modifications to eligible low-income elderly and disabled homeowners. These services enable recipients to continue living safely and comfortably at home.

This program created a progressive solution for aging homeowners by establishing a model to address the housing and wellness issues of a growing segment of Maine residents. Examples of scope of work:

Accessibility Modifications

  • Grab bars and handrails
  • Shower wand
  • Shower seat
  • Raised toilet seat
  • Drawer pulls
  • Doorbell
  • Lighting
  • Kitchen faucet

Minor Repairs

  • Winterizing
  • Flooring repairs
  • Storm door installation
  • Gutter work
  • Steps/existing ramps
  • Minor plumbing and electrical
  • Build shelf
  • Adjust cabinet height

Safety Checks

  • Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors
  • Dryer vents
  • Refrigerator coils
  • Light bulbs
  • Furnace filters


You may be eligible for services from the Community Aging in Place Grant if:

  • Are age 55+ or have a disability
  • Own your home or live in a home owned by a family member
  • Annual household income limits are?80% of area median income (AMI)
  • Live within the service area of our partners

To Apply: click here for a list of partner agencies.

Aug 262020
The Grange advocates for literacy and education!

In this unusual time of pandemic restrictions, the Parkman Grange announces its 2020 Minnie Welts Bridge Scholarship winners. They are David Hession, a Music major at the University of Southern Maine, and Bailey Woodard, a Biology major (pre-med) at the University of Maine. Both will receive awards of $500. Although the Grange normally announces and awards winners at the Annual Scholarship Supper, this year the winners were contacted electronically and awarded through the mail. The ninth?(2020) Annual Scholarship Supper was canceled this year, as were most Parkman Grange and many other public events, due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Minnie Bridge (1909-2011) was a lifelong resident of Parkman, a retired schoolteacher, and a life member of the Parkman Grange. In her memory, the Grange established the Minnie Welts Bridge Memorial Scholarship Fund to benefit deserving Parkman students continuing their education beyond high school.  The Grange annually awards one or more Scholarships funded through donations and the proceeds from the annual Supper in Minnie’s name. With these awards, the Grange has awarded $12,000 in scholarships since 2012.

The Grange looks forward to hosting the 10th Annual Scholarship Supper in 2021. In the meantime, since this year’s Supper was canceled, the Grange is asking for donations to the Scholarship Fund in order to make 2021 Scholarship awards. Donations may be made at KC’s General Store or the Parkman Town Office. You can also write a check to Parkman Grange, noting “Scholarship Fund” on the memo line, and mail to Parkman Grange, P.O. Box 114, Guilford ME 04443. Sue Manchester, the Parkman Grange Master, can provide additional information at 277-3942.