Jan 312011

We could say it was a record breaking crowd… but there is no record–because this was the First Annual Pomona Conference held by the Maine State Grange on Saturday January 29, 2011. Considering the weather there was a pretty good crowd with lots of?Pomonas represented ?And there were lots of accomplishments–including getting this large group of Grangers mostly looking in the same direction and smiling at the same time!

Count the smiles!

Check back if you’re not a subscriber and find out what they were smiling about… more photos and stories will be posted soon.? There’s plenty to report so you can expect more than one story! And by the way… this wasn’t everybody… there were a lot of camera shy people who snuck off before the picture was taken!

If you were there… feel free to post your comments by clicking the top right button (responses) ?on this post.
Jan 312011

Submitted via the MSG Bulletin

Rumford Grange recently made several donations as part of their ongoing community service program.? Grange Community Service Director Donna Worcester presented knit preemie hats, booties and sweaters to RN Amanda Tozier in the Special Delivery department at Rumford Hospital.? The items were hand crafted by Grange members and other volunteer workers.

During the past year Rumford Grand had penny collection jars placed in the area.? This project collected $56 that was donated to the Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Portland.? The Grange is appreciative of all who helped make these donations possible.

On Halloween night a party for the children took place at the Grange Hall with about sixteen youngsters in attendance.? Each child in costume had his/her picture taken.? Donna Worcester, Vicki Clark and Wendell Easter passed out good bags that included coloring books donated by a neighbor.

They are working on a special project and would like a picture of each Grange Hall in Maine.? If you are willing e-mail the picture to Donna Worcester at viewpointatroadrunnerdotcom  (viewpointatroadrunnerdotcom)   or mail to P.O. Box 77, Hanover, ME 04237.

Jan 302011
Karen Flagg, CWA Chair

Submitted by Karen Flagg via the MSG Bulletin

Happy New Year Brothers and Sisters, I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays but now I need to get down to business. Would all Granges that did not receive their Certificates from CWA for their 2010 donations to the N.E. Grange Building and the Maine State Grange Fund please let me know so that I can get them sent to you. I apologize for it taking so long but hopefully you will give us another chance in 2011.

After attending the Leadership Conference in New York, we did get the information that the Big E Store needs the crocheted scrubbies, aprons, 3 pc baby sets, clothespin bags, knitted dishcloths, hanging towels and the cat toys with catnip. All the above items can be either brought to headquarters or given to your to your CWA Committee person, any and everything is greatly appreciated.

All $10.00 donations to the New England Grange Building, Maine State Grange and Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderers will receive a thank you certificate, just be sure to include the information on the Grange name, number and contact person. We would also like to get donations of buttons as the “Button Box” was quite popular 2 years ago.

Hopefully everyone is working on their Sewing and Baking entries plus their Dress-A-Doll item. For the quilted wall hangings, they must be a minimum of 12 x 12 inches and a maximum of 24 x 24 inches. The afghans must be at least a twin size. I am working on a surprise for the Dress Revue but more on that next month.

Jan 302011

We had a little… to use a highly technical term… hiccup with the site recently. So far it looks like all is well again (we were down for about 30 minutes)?and the only notable result might be that subscribers will receive a few posts twice.

How awful is it to get TOO much communication? (Still sorry for an inconvenience, though!)

Speaking of that, I occasionally hear the cry that “not everybody uses computers and email.” We know! Just for the record, there has been no decrease in written communication: the Bulletin, letters, etc. continue to be sent to Subordinate Granges. Everything here is either the same information or bonus material!

Jan 302011

? Submitted by Sue Hackett via MSG Bulletin.

Youth and Junior Departments have their Candy Bar Sales and Flower power Sales on going at this time.? They will be finishing up soon, so please help us out and get yours now!? The last of the bricks that have been ordered will be sent in to the company on March 31st.? If you haven’t sent in your order form or money, do it before this date.? This is the last order!?

?The “Adopt a Platoon” project is doing well however we still need items to send to the soldiers. ?As of now they will be in Afghanistan until April.? Help us to continue to support our platoon.?

?NOW is the time to practice your Public Speaking, Sign-a-Song, Lip Sync, and Share a Talent entries for the April Contest day to be held April 23rd at 1:00 P.M. at State Grange Headquarters.? Those that place first go on to the regional competition which will be held in Maine this year!? If you need the rules, contact Sue Hackett.?

?AN IDEA!? What about holding a Junior or Youth night?? If you don’t have any juniors or youth in your Grange, invite some in.? What about juniors or youth from another Grange, or girl scouts, boy scouts, a school group, or grandchildren?? Plan a program and make it a fun evening.? Better yet, organize or reorganize a Junior Grange.

Jan 282011
WM Jim Owens

I hope that all of our Granges are planning, working on and publicizing their activities for Grange Month in April.? We should be cleaning up our halls to make them attractive for all of the nonmembers who we will be inviting in for open houses and other events.

The Talent Contest under the direction of the State Lecturer, as well as various contests sponsored by the Youth and Juniors will be held at State Grange Headquarters on Sat., April 23rd at 1:00 P.M.? Your participation and attendance is greatly appreciated.

A Pomona Grange Growth Summit will be held in Concord, New Hampshire from Friday, April 15th through Sunday, April 17th.? Information is on the New Hampshire State Grange web site – nhgrange.org – for all who wish to attend.

I have received word that Excelsior Pomona has agreed to do the Rose Drill at State Grange this year.? We will look forward to seeing their fine work.

Jan 282011

Submitted by the Agricultural Committee

The Maine State Grange Agricultural Committee is looking for young men and women who are pursuing a career in Agriculture or agriculturally related fields at the college level.? One or more applicants from Maine who meet the criteria will be awarded a $500.oo scholarship in June.

The criteria and application are available from this site: Ag Scholarship 2011. Applications must be postmarked by April 20, 2011 and winners will be notified in writing by June 1, 2011.

This program is successful due to the generosity of Subordinate and Pomona Granges. We hope our Granges will continue to support this program. Donations may be made to the Maine State Grange–note “Ag Scholarship” on the check.

Jan 282011

This is not a promotion of Bangor Savings Bank… just some news about their Community Matters More program… although one can admire their commitment to the community!

The Bangor Savings Bank Community Matters More program is underway! The?website says,?

“At Bangor Savings Bank, we believe in giving back to our community. And we believe that by focusing on the needs that matter most to our neighbors and friends—from developing housing for our poor to direct charitable contributions—we matter more in the daily lives of our fellow Mainers…”

?As I understand it,?a total of 68 grants will be awarded to organizations based on?votes within regions.??The top vote-getting organizations in each region will receive $5,000 each.? The remaining 60 organizations will receive $1,000 each.?Voting begins ends March 7th.

There are a few basic rules, but just ones that make sense.?People of any age can vote. Voters must have a Maine address to vote, use your Maine zip code if you are a part time resident.?You can vote only once… and you don’t have to vote online, you?can use a paper ballot, these can be obtained?any Bangor Savings Bank.

You can vote and see which organizations in your region ?are on the “ballot” at ?www.bangor.com/cmm. What an easy way to support organizations you believe in!

Jan 232011

Okay, so it’s still?only January and Grange Month isn’t until April… But think about this:?from the end of January until April 1st?is only two months! So?Lecturer Sherry’s reminder in her newsletter is surely a good seed to plant even in below zero weather. Sherry wrote, in part:

?“…If you are making presentations using the National Grange Community Citizen Award or Pomona Award for Public Service you?must order them early from National Grange.”?????????????????

Sherry also notes these awards “are a great way to promote your Grange and reward an individual or group in your community for their involvement or outstanding achievements. By inviting non-members to your Grange, you are introducing them to the Grange.? By rewarding someone outside the Grange, you are able to give recognition to those who deserve it who might otherwise never receive that thank you that means so much to everyone.”

So why not make this a “new business” agenda item at your next regular meeting? How are you going to maximize Grange Month? Will you give awards? Can you plan a special community service project? Can you reach into the community and pull folks into?your Grange?

When you plant a garden, you don’t just plant one seed! While we don’t yet have the theme for Grange Month, we can certainly start planting! If you are going to have a special presentation, program, or event start planning now! For special programs, initial information should start trickling out to the community at least 6-8 weeks (that’s next month!) prior to the event. If you are presenting an award you’ll want to have individual invitations in the mail at least 4 weeks prior to the event.

?Let’s make this a Grange Month to remember! Share your ideas and questions as comments to this post… remember to submit complete details about any events you plan using the “submitting information” tab at the top of the page.

Jan 232011

This contest information was gleaned from State Lecturer Sherry’s recent newsletter. Additional contest information is available in the 2010-2011 Lecturer’s Handbook.


Deadline:? March 31 sent or e-mailed to State Lecturer’s home. Open to All Subordinate members.

Categories: Original and not original/Internet.

Divisions:? Performed and non-performed skits. (Performed means at the day of judging, April 23.? ALL skits whether performed or non-performed must be sent to State Lecturer in advance.) Profanity or inappropriate items will not be accepted. ?Length of play or skit must not exceed 10 minutes. (You may only perform 2 skits)

Label: ?At the top of each skit include all the following information: NAME; ADDRESS; GRANGE & NUMBER; PHONE; TITLE; CATEGORY; DIV.

?Judging & performances of skits/plays will be held April 23 at 1:00 p.m., in Augusta.



?“With Pen In Hand” original story only!

Deadline:? March 31 sent or e-mailed to State Lecturer’s home. Open to All Subordinate members.

Categories:? Fact and/or Fiction

Divisions:? Performed ?and non-performed story. (Performed means reading or telling your story on April 23. All stories whether performed or non-performed must be sent to State Lecturer in advance.) Profanity or inappropriate items will not be accepted. ?Length of story must not exceed 10 minutes — 500 word maximum.?

Label: ?At the top of each skit include all the following information: NAME; ADDRESS; GRANGE & NUMBER; PHONE; TITLE; CATEGORY; DIV.

Judging & performances of stories will be held April 23 at 1:00 p.m., in Augusta.



Deadline:? Preregister by April 15 sent or e-mailed to State Lecturer’s home. Open to all members including junior member 5-9 and 10-14 who will be judged separately.

Categories:? Vocal; Instrumental or Variety Act. Six (6) minutes maximum.? You may enter once under each different category, receiving only one award. (Only persons who performed in the state judging may represent the State Grange in the regional talent contest. You MAY NOT represent your state 2 years in a row at the NE Regional Contest.)

Judging? will be held April 23 at 1:00 p.m., in Augusta. This is a fun day whether you compete or observe. Help encourge our folks to compete for state and regional titles!