Oct 312012

David Colby Young has graciously offered access to the photos he took during State Conference in Rockland noting,?“As people write articles about the State Grange they might need a photo to go along with their report…” The photos can be found at:


If you are submitting an article or report regarding?Conference and decide to use?one of these photos, please download the appropriate photo(s) and attach the file (photo) to your email including your submission. It will also help if you identify people included in any photos. Thanks!

Oct 302012

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Oct. 26, the National Grange released its fourth e-book, “Proud Heritage: A Composite History of the Early Years of the Order of the Patrons of Husbandry,” as a Kindle download available through Amazon’s Kindle Store. The book, written by Grange historian and author C. Jerome Davis, details the first years of the organization.

The digital version of the 1987 text has 138 pages, including index, introduction, and footnotes.

“While ‘Notes and Quotes’ dealt with the founding of our Order, ‘Proud Heritage’ describes, in detail, the triumphs and struggles of the subsequent years,” National Grange President Ed Luttrell said. “I want readers to understand that our founders worked extremely hard to make sure this organization would endure. C. Jerome Davis does a great job of showcasing how hard work and dedication are vital to any organization, especially this one.”

The National Grange has signed a 90-day exclusivity deal for “Proud Heritage” with Amazon and the Amazon Kindle Store. The e-book will be added to the Barnes and Noble Nook Store after the exclusivity deal expires.

“Friend of the Farmer,” the National Grange’s previous e-book release, is now available for sale on both the Amazon Kindle Store and the Barnes and Noble Nook Store, while both “Legal and Economic Influence of Grange” and “Notes and Quotes” are still under Amazon’s exclusivity deals. The National Grange is expected to produce several other volumes in digital format, including the 1966 “First Century of Service,” and the 1984 book “People, Pride and Progress”.

“These books tell a very interesting history of the American people, spirit and culture,” Luttrell said.

“Proud Heritage: A Composite History of the Early Years of the Order of the Patrons of Husbandry” is available as an e-book for $4.99, the same price as “Friend of the Farmer,” “Legal and Economic Influence of the Grange” and “Notes and Quotes.”

Established in 1867, The National Grange, a nonpartisan, nonprofit fraternal organization, is the oldest agricultural and rural community service organization. With more than 2,100 local chapters, the Grange has evolved into the nation’s leading rural advocacy organization and a major benefactor to local communities. There are more than 160,000 members across the United States. For more information on the National Grange, visit our website at www.nationalgrange.org.


Oct 292012

Submitted by Steve Haycock

Election Results:

  • Flora – Roberta Meserve of Danville Junction Grange
  • Ex. Comm. Nancy Clark of Harraseeket Grange

Community Service Awards:

  • 1st Place – Riverside Grange?#475
  • 2nd Place – Maple Grove Grange #148
  • 3rd Place –?Wilson?Grange #321
  • 4th Place?(tie) –?Valley Grange?#144 & Bangor Grange?#372

Membership Awards

  • 1st Place – Bangor Grange?#372
  • 2nd Place (tie) –?Garland Grange #76?and Parkman Grange #205
  • 4th Place (tie) – ?Aurora Grange?#202 & Rumford Grange?#115
Oct 292012

Thanks for putting up our event (Union Harvest 581 Open House and Pie Contest) on the site.? It was a big success. Left to Right 1st place Glenn Visser Blueberry/ Huskcherry Pie 2nd Place Sena Hayes Apple Raisin Pie 3rd Place Carol Visser Pumpkin Pie.

Mr.Visser returned his $50 cash prize back to the Union Harvest Grange.

Oct 242012

Submitted by Christine Corliss

State Session starts?Thursday October 25th,? Just a reminder from the State Community Service Committee.? Please feel free to stop by our tables and pick up your community service paperwork as well as your Community Service Books.? Please make sure to sign out your books with whomever is at the table.? Also,? make sure to purchase your raffle tickets for all the baskets we will be raffling off.? We also will be selling T-shirts again.? Hope to see you there.

Oct 232012

Submitted by Steven Haycock, Publicity Director

Augusta, Maine – Patrick Brewer, Master (President) of the Maine State Grange announces that the 139th Annual Session of the Maine State Grange will be held October 19-22? 25-27 at the Rockland Elks Lodge in Rockland.

Approximately 140 Granges from across the state will send delegates to debate various resolutions from National to State legislative to issues to assorted internal issues.? Resolutions passes at the session will become policy of the Maine State Grange and will be lobbied for at the Maine State Legislature.? Those pertaining to national policies will be sent to the National Grange Session held in November where delegates from across the country will consider them.? On Friday Walter Whitcomb, State of Maine Commissioner of Agriculture will address the session.

During the session there will be many awards for yearly achievements presented to Granges and individuals in a wide variety of categories including membership, publicity, and community service.? Plaques will also be presented to the Grange Farm Family of the Year & the Tree Farmer of the Year.? This also an opportunity for Grangers from to show off their talents in the annual art and photo contests.

One of the highlights of the session will be the annual conferral of the Sixth Degree, by the officers of the Maine State Grange, on Friday evening, featuring a Rose Drill under the direction of Yvonne Johnson and Terry Lacombe Stevens.? Special guest at this years convention will be Duane Scott, Executive Committe(Board of Directors) of the National Grange, and Master of the Wisconsin State Grange who will be the featured speaker on Friday evening.? Also on Friday evening the former officers of the Maine State Grange who are present will be recognized.? Wayne Sherman, former Chaplain of the Maine State Grange and President of the Past Officer Association will present a plaque and check to the Subordinate Grange of the year.

Saturday mornings session will be opened by the youth of the Maine State Grange (ages 14-35).? This will be followed by presentation of awards by Co-Youth Directors Celeste Roy and Terry Lacombe Stevens. Then Junior Director Laurie McBurnie will present information about the Junior Grange (ages 5-14).? Also on Saturday the Educational Aid and Howe’s Nursing Scholarships committees will present scholarships to several individuals.

The Grange is fraternal community service organization with a special interest in agriculture.? For more information about the Grange please call 1-800-464-3421 or visit us online atwww.www.123myhub.com?or?www.nationalgrange.org.

Oct 222012

Good Evening All,

We’re only about 86 Hours to go until the gavel drops at 10:30am for the?beginning?of the 139th Annual Session of the Maine State Grange this Thursday. ?Are you ready? ?I know I’m not. ?Don’t forget that the art and photo entries are due at 10am. ?I wanted to let everyone know that Laurie McBurnie and I have designed a new Grange car magnet and they be available at State Grange. ?They look great! ?Anyways I hope to see you all there, and if you’re unable to attend I’ll be sending out emails to keep everyone informed of all of the events.


Steven Haycock,

Publicity Director

Oct 192012

Submitted by MAITC

Bob and Agnes Nelson, State Agriculture Committee Chairmen AND Charlie Armstrong, MAITC Association Board Chairman

The Maine Agriculture in the Classroom Association presented the State Grange Agriculture Committee with a check for $500 to benefit the Agricultural Scholarship for 2013 at their annual meeting at state headquarters on October 17th. The committee prepared a wonderful dinner for over 50 people including educators, Council and board members, and the Commissioner of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry and First Lady, Ann LePage. Aggie told the group that three $500 scholarships were given each year, funds permitting, to college students in their second semester pursuing a degree in an agriculture related field. A wonderful evening was had by all! Many thanks to the Ag Committee and folks that helped the night turn out so successfully!

Commissioner Whitcomb, Teacher, Sharon Hathaway & First Lady, Ann LePage

The 2013 Maine Agriculture in the Classroom Teacher of the Year Award was presented by Maine’s First Lady, Ann LePage last night at the Maine State Grange. Sharon Hathaway received this award in recognition of her work at Leavitt Area High School where students explore agriculture as a possible career choice and its impact on the state and local community. The Commissioner of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry, Walter Whitcomb spoke to the group and congratulated Mrs. Hathaway on her accomplishments.



Oct 172012

Television reporters jockey for a good angle while kids explore their dictionaries. (Photo by Roger Ricker.)

Guilford–Approximately fifty third graders from Piscataquis Community Elementary School were treated to a visit at the Valley Grange Hall in Guilford where they were greeted by members, a Civil War Navy Captain, and WABI and WVII news reporters! Of course the word was out and everyone knew the ultimate purpose of the visit was for Grange members to give each student his or her very own dictionary.

Sixth graders Alison Quimby, Nathaniel Fanjoy, Addyson Herrick, and Ethan Chadwick came along to talk with their younger school chums about receiving their dictionaries three years ago. Asked what they remembered best about that visit, they concurred a highlight was the bus trip back to school when they and their classmates were busy “looking up words” and “just being excited about having our own dictionaries.” At least one third grader challenged their advice to “take good care of your book” by noting the condition of their three year old dictionaries. The group simply pointed out? that their well-worn dictionaries are evidence of how much they’ve been used.

Civil War “Captain” Jack Battick (a re-enactor) attended in his complete Navy uniform to demonstrate the proper Navy salute and talk about the role of the Navy during the Civil War. He was peppered with questions about his uniform and role in the war, as was his companion Mary Annis who wore a typical “day dress” from the era.

Class representatives gather the mail. (Photo by Roger Ricker.)

Students learned that the organization called the Grange began shortly after the Civil War as a way of uniting farmers to improve life. One important accomplishment of the Grange was the RFD (Rural Free Delivery) of mail. Coincidentally, each attending class discovered a letter for them in the Grange mailbox.

Faced with an unfamiliar word in their letter, the students immediately saw the need for a dictionary and Grangers meet that need by passing out the long-awaited dictionaries. Students looked up words like “patron, husbandry, and steward,” and were led to understand that the day’s program was about “providing resources that should be used wisely.”

Third grader Taylor Folsom later told WABI-TV 5 reporter Morgan Small “I’ll definitely use it for, like, reports, and when we have reading jobs and, when we don’t know what a word is, I will definitely look it up in this. I think that when we go back to school, anything they do, we’re going to try use our dictionaries for it.”

This is the first of a series of dictionary days sponsored by Valley Grange. On November 2, a Valley Grange team will travel to Lagrange, Milo and Brownville to visit with third graders. Students from SeDoMoCha will visit the Valley Grange Hall on November 5 to receive the coveted dictionaries.

Grange Program Director Walter Boomsma notes that the dictionary day project is just one of several programs members enjoy with area students that range from listening to kids read to commissioning art classes to design Grange advertisements as part of the Newspapers in Education Program. “When we do these projects with kids, it’s truly a case of the work is also the reward,” he notes. “We truly enjoy the kids’ energy and enthusiasm, and it’s rewarding to sense that in some small way we are encouraging and contributing to it.”

To learn more about the Grange’s work, visit http://valleygrange.com where you’ll also find links to the television coverage.