Nov 302012

Words from Walter…

The annual “cleaning” of our website has started… outdated posts, links, documents, program books, etc. are now in the process of being deleted.?This often results in some reorganization… if you have trouble finding things be patient and keep looking. Remember you can use the search routine on the home page.?If you find broken links, please let me know… also, if you find information that is out-of-date, call it to my attention with an email to the webmaster  (webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg)  .?This is not just about “out with the old” — it includes some “in with the new” and I’m pleased to report you can now access the websites of all state Granges in the North East Region by using the “Grange Information” Links section. As a reminder, if your subordinate or pomona Grange has a website or Facebook page, send me the URL (address) and we’ll add it to that section. (I will however, also remove links to any such pages that are not kept up to date.)?Thanks for your help and understanding!

Nov 302012

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Today it is important to inform you that, due to budgetary constraints, the National Grange will not print and send an edition of the New Grange in 2013.? However, the Communications Department is committed to providing information to all members and asks each of you to assist in this effort.

Please spread the word that the National Grange will produce and distribute e-newsletters on a regularly scheduled basis for all members who provide email addresses to swilkinsatnationalgrangedotorg  (swilkinsatnationalgrangedotorg)   or abrozanaatnationalgrangedotorg  (abrozanaatnationalgrangedotorg)  .? Information can also be regularly found at

If you know members who do not have email or the internet, please volunteer or find someone in your Grange who will print and distribute the e-newsletter editions to members.

The National Grange looks forward to continuing to serve its wonderful members and hopes each member will do their part in providing their Brothers and Sisters with information – both to the National Grange about local Grange events and activities and information from the National Grange to all of our members.? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Nov 302012

Submitted by Vicki Huff

A friendly reminder that the deadline for this contest is fast approaching. Please have your entries to State Grange Headquarters on or before January 1, 2013 or bring them to the Northeast Leaders’ Conference on Friday night January 11th. They will be judged sometime during the weekend of the conference.

View the original post regarding this contest…

View the flyer and rules for this contest…


Nov 282012

Brothers and Sisters,

It is once again time to file your e-post card IRS Form 990-N. You can do so by going to the following web site:

All subordinate granges are required to do this by January 15th. Sister Sharon Manley does this for many granges but if you know your information you can do it yourself or you can obtain your ID# from Sister Sharon and set it up yourself. The steps are fairly simple.

Please pass this info along to Granges that may not be signed up to receive post from the Maine State Grange website.

Thanks, Vicki

Nov 202012
Submitted by
James Owens, Priest Annalist
Assembly of Demeter
National Grange

Jim Owens

One hundred and sixty six?Brothers and Sisters?received the Degree of Ceres (Seventh Degree) at the National Grange session in Boise, Idaho on November 17th.? My thanks to those who worked on my Seventh Degree registration table – Debbie Ivers, Pomona of the Maine State Grange, and Nancy Clark, Secretary of the Maine State Grange Executive Committee.? Also assisting with registration were Roberta Meserve, Flora of the Maine State Grange and Lewis Bryson, Soloist of the Maine State Grange.? Thank you to each of these Patrons!

The Master of the New Hampshire State Grange, Jim Tetreault, has issued a challenge.? He states that New Hampshire will have one hundred candidates from their state for the Seventh Degree when we meet in Manchester, New Hampshire next November.? It will be exactly 100 years since the National Grange has met in New Hampshire.? His challenge is for the rest of New England and New York to each provide fifty candidates for the degree.? Several Brothers and Sisters from Maine have already told me that they will be taking the degree in Manchester.? Let’s work to make Maine’s share way more than fifty.? I will be providing applications for preregistration in mid 2013 to save some time and work for the candidates when they get to the degree conferral.

Nov 182012

Photo by Ed Worthley

In 2010 the Junior Department established the Maine State Grange Memorial Garden at State Headquarters in Augusta. The garden is shaped like a sheaf of wheat and welcomes visitors to the State Grange offices.In the center of the garden have been placed engraved bricks purchased by both individuals and Granges in memory of late members or in honor of present members.

There are still blank bricks waiting to be replaced with ones honoring members of your Grange. Check the brochure (found in Documents You Asked For) for details or contact Jr. Director Laurie McBurnie, laurie_mattidewaterdotnet  (laurie_mattidewaterdotnet)  , 563-5347.

Nov 182012

Grange friend Lin Greene and memberJune Allen

The “Knit Wits” and friends of Maple Grove Grange #148 shared a very productive workday for Project Linus last Saturday.Working for over 7 hours,they completed ?eleven blankets and quilts to be donated to The Centers for Grieving Children in Portland. Each year,just before Christmas they hold a total group get together evening, when every participant for the year receives a “blanket hug”. ?After each blanket was finished, a Maine State Grange label was attached as well as the Project Linus Label. Donations of 4 additional quilts, along with those ?made earlier in the year ?totaled 29 which were delivered on Friday by Worth Master Bob Burns and “Knit Wit” leader,Ann Burns. Staff members had been concerned two days earlier that they would not have enough for this years distribution, so were especially appreciative of the presentation. A tour of the facility was very informative to assist the Burnses with more information to share at their next meeting.

Nov 172012
Junior Department
Laurie McBurnie,
laurie_mattidewaterdotnet  (laurie_mattidewaterdotnet)  ,

Thank you to all Grangers for your support at the Junior Department table at State Grange. The proceeds will help support Junior Grange activities during the coming year.

Grangers can again purchase bricks for the Grange Memorial Garden at State Headquarters. Information flyers should be coming to each grange in the future. The flyer will also be posted on the website or you can contact me directly. The Memorial Garden makes quite an impression on visitors in Augusta. (Find the brochure in Documents You Asked For…)

We continue to collect Labels for Education that will be used towards equipment for the Junior and Youth Departments. Labels for Education can be found on products by Bic, Campbell’s Soup, Pepperidge Farm, Pop Secret, V8, Swanson, Glad, Dannon, and more. We will also take Boxtops for Education and make sure they are used or given to a school to use.

I continue to encourage subordinate granges to get young people involved. The Maine State Junior Grange is a viable option when there are not enough interested children to start a local Junior Grange. Pomonas can also sponsor a Jr. Grange. Please contact Laurie for information. The 2013 Maine State Junior Grange program and the National Jr. Grange program will be posted on the website.

Webmaster Note: Both Program books and the brochure have been posted as “Documents You Asked For…” You can also click the links in this post… Thanks, Laurie for providing this information!

Nov 172012


Vicki Huff, Overseer

Greetings from Boise,ID!

I am pleased to announce the winner of the quilt square contest is our own Pat Libby.?It was a pleasure to walk into the Idea Fair and see a big blue ribbon next to the square from Maine.

For those who do not know Sister Pat is a member of Farmington Grange and an avid quilter. Congratulations Sister Pat! The NJ State Grange sponsored the contest this year and Sister Pat will be presented with her prize money in the near future.


Vicki Huff

Nov 152012
Mr. Boomsma by Mr. Arthers

Mr. Boomsma by Mr. Arthers

Third graders from Piscataquis Community Elementary School expressed their thanks for the dictionaries they received during their visit to the Valley Grange Hall on October 16… and third grade teacher Mr. Arthers?offered his rendition of Mr. Boomsma in action! The program included some lessons on the Civil War by Captain Jack Battick wearing a Civil War Navy Uniform and Mary Annis in her pink day dress from the era. We also explain the staves and the Grange’s role in R.F.D. Here’s a sampling of what the kids had to say…

“Thank you for having us visit your Grange Hall and teaching us about the Civil War. I liked the pink day dress, the badges on the uniform, and the staves. I learned they are called the spud, the shepherd’s crook, the pruning hook and the owl. Most of all, thank you for giving us the dictionaries. I will use it for helping me with my spelling words, my reading words, and my vocabulary words. I like the sign language page. I also know how to do the whole alphabet in sign language.

Sincerely, HH”

“Thank you for teaching us about the Civil War and the pink dress. I really liked the golden sword and I did not know there were certain kinds of military salutes. I didn’t know that there were different kinds of dresses. The staves were cool, too. Thank you most of all for the dictionaries. I even used the dictionary for this letter. You guys are awesome! Thank you.

Your friend, TR”

“We want to thank you for the dictionaries. My favorite part was sweeping the floor. And searching for the words in the dictionaries. It was a lot of fun. Good luck with the third grade next year.

From P”

[The above letter might require some explanation… the kids sit on the floor for the presentation. I had them all “scoot” on their bottoms so they were a little bit closer and teased after they had that was how we got the floor clean once a year!]

“Thank you for telling us about the pink dress. I would like to wear a pink dress every day. Thank you for teaching us about the Civil War. My two favorite parts were the staves and the owl. He was so cute. The shepherd’s crook was awesome. Most of all, I liked the dictionary hunt, even though it was hard to find the word in the dictionary. It still was the best day ever.

Sincerely, MH”

“Thank you for teaching us about the Civil War and dictionaries and showing us the real uniform, sword, staves, and dress. I really like the part in our dictionaries about sign language. I learned up to the letter E. It is very good for free time. I can also use my dictionary for words that my brother made up to look smart. I can now identify if it is true or not.

Sincerely, RG”

“Thank you for giving us dictionaries. They come in handy and most kids like reading them. Thanks for telling us about the Civil War. We enjoyed listening to you. Thank you for making us happy.”

Sincerely, NC”

“Thank you for the dictionaries. I was excited when I got on the bus last week. Mrs. Kennedy [teacher] wanted us Continue reading »