Apr 242015

by Matt Dunn,
Youth Committee Chair

Matt DunnHello all, It looks like spring has finally sprung, thank goodness. Hope all are starting to get out and enjoy the better weather. I want to let everyone know about the Northeast Youth Conference 2015 being held in Rhode Island July 10-12. This is a great opportunity for our youth to meet and greet other youth form around the Northeast. It also gives an opportunity to show off the talents with different contests. Our superb communications guru Walter has posted all the information (schedule, registration forms, etc.) on the MSG Website under the Conferences tab.

Please contact me if you think you might be going as the organizers want a general idea of numbers by mid-May

I encourage all youth that can to attend. It is a great experience just plain fun.

Also just to remind folks if you bowl or play mini golf please get me your scores. Remember both activities are going through the end of September. We want your scores to be counted.

Thanks all and have a great spring!

Apr 232015

On Sunday, April 19, over fifty people attended Degree Day at Danville Junction Grange #65!? The four degrees were conferred on nineteen candidates from Androscoggin Grange #8, Danville Junction Grange #65, Rumford Grange # 115, Saco Grange #53, and West Bath #592 by members of Androscoggin Pomona Grange #1.? A light luncheon was served between the second and third degrees by members of Danville Junction Grange.? All the candidates seemed eager to help their Granges SHINE, SHINE, SHINE!

Apr 212015

Topsham Grange #37 has taken on several projects in community service over the past few years. The most rewarding is participation in the national “Words for Thirds” dictionary project. For the past seven years, this program has seen Topsham Grange provide either dictionaries or technology grants to several schools in the area.
Beginning in 2008, all third-grade students in Topsham and Lisbon were presented with their own personal dictionaries. With the recent merger of the Dirigo Grange in Brunswick with Topsham Grange, this program also now includes all third-graders at the Harriet Beecher Stowe School in Brunswick.

When another service organization provided dictionaries to third-graders at Lisbon Community School, the Grange opted to support a computer program, “Brain Pop,” for that school with the funds that would have provided dictionaries to third graders. The computer science coordinator at that school recently announced that the program is used by all students in first through fifth grades, reaching more than 500 students in all.

As a result, Topsham Grange now presents dictionaries to 186 third-graders at Brunswick’s Harriet Beecher Stowe School, an in-kind grant for 95 students at the Lisbon Community School, and a combination of dictionaries and a technology grant to 105 pupils at the Woodside and Williams-Cone Schools in Topsham.

Topsham members enjoyed receiving and reading many colorful thank you notes from students from these schools at their last meeting. The Lisbon Community School also invited Topsham members to attend their “thank you pizza party” for “Community Partners.”

Apr 202015

Riverside Grange #475 has a full house on April 18, 2015 for their meeting on the topic of  “How Can the Grange and Community Work Together?”  A panel of Maine State Grange Officers and Directors were present to discuss their role is in the Grange as well as Maine House of Representative for District 20 Karen Gerrish and Town of Lebanon Board of Selectmen Members.  The panel consisted of Vicki Huff – Master MSG, Rick Grotton – Overseer MSG, Sherry Harriman – Lecturer MSG, Laurie McBurnie – Junior Director MSG, Karen Flagg – CWA Director MSG, Christine Corliss, CS/FHH Director MSG, Vernon Dunn – Chief Deputy MSG, Margaret Morse – Soloist and York County Deputy MSG, Karen Gerrish, Ben Thompson – Chair of Town of Lebanon Board of Selectman and Paul Philbrick – Member of the Town of Lebanon Board of Selectman,

Each panel member explained their role in either the Grange or the Town and how they work with the community, then a question and answer session proceeded for different members of the panel.  The evening proved to be a success and much fun was had by all. Linda Corliss, Lecturer of Riverside Grange #475, did a wonderful job of facilitating this event and providing a brief history on Grange in general as well as Riverside Grange #475 specifically.

Riverside Grange #475 also honored two members with Years of Service Awards presented by MSG Master Vicki Huff and Riverside Master Daniel Corliss to a father and son of Kenneth Harriman (65 Years) and David Harriman (55 Years).  We congratulate them and are grateful to have such gentlemen as a part of Riverside.

Riverside Grange #475 was also presented with a certificate from Master Vicki Huff for National Distinguished Grange of the Year.  Riverside was very honored to receive this award. MSG Master Vicki Huff, “I hope you will try to do it again? Master Daniel Corliss looked over the group of Riverside members and with a smile and replied, “Yes, we will!”

Master Daniel Corliss was in shock to also be presented a Special Sentiment by Maine House of Representative Karen Gerrish on behalf of the Maine House for Riverside’s 100+ years of dedication to Community Service. Master Daniel Corliss accepted on behalf of Riverside Grange and was at a loss for words.

Apr 172015

One of our presentations at the April Leadership Conference raised the question, “What does classical music and the Grange have in common?” We didn’t so much try to answer the question as get our thought wheels turning. The audience for classical music seems small… is that true of our list of prospective members? Classical music is old–so is the Grange. Classical music has transformative power. Does the Grange?

This?presentation by Benjamin Zander is actually about a lot more than classical music. It’s definitely about leadership and probably about life.?While he doesn’t specifically mention the Grange, you may see some analogies. You may have to watch it several times to receive the full benefit.

Apr 162015
Communication Bullets are short but big news!

Communication Bullets are short but big news!

The April Issue of the Maine State Grange Bulletin is now available on the website and will be mailed soon: MSG Bulletin April 2015–download your copy and print a few extra copies for members and friends!

We’ll be working on posting some information from “The Leader in Each of US” Conference held on April 12. We did have close to fifty folks attend, including some special guests who came all the way from New Hampshire! We’re summarizing the evaluations, but the typical comments include “Everything was great!” and “It was very interesting and a great way to spend three hours.” One person wrote, “I enjoyed Wes and Glenys Ryder’s presentation on food, fun and fellowship…we the most positive and inspiring presentation I’ve heard in years.”

There have been some requests that we post “the kindergarten poem,” and will do so forthwith!

Every?line needs a leader and it needs a caboose.
It needs to be straight and it needs to be loose.
My arms are at my side. I’m standing straight and tall.
My lips are very quiet. I’m ready for the hall.

I should note that this is the version I learned at our school and thank Miss Smith,?Mrs. Violette, and the kindergarteners for helping me learn it. In attempting to attribute the source I’ve found many different versions and am truly uncertain of its origin. (For those who didn’t attend, it was the basis for my presentation “Leading from Behind.”)

Apr 162015

by Master Vicki

There was much discussion at last year’s State session regarding expenses and the budget.?In an effort to be more efficient and?effective,?this year?we are forming a budget committee has been formed to review?and make specific recommendations. The appointed members of the budget committee are Steve Call, Jim Owens, David Gowen and Maynard Chapman. As part of this process all?committee directors have been asked for information regarding fund-raising and expenditures of their committees. (For those who have already sent yours in thank you, for those who have? missed Wednesday’s deadline, you should?send the requested information?ASAP.) Those who have thoughts or recommendations regarding next year’s budget should contact the budget committee or me. The budget the committee is developing?will be?voted upon during the State Grange session in October.


Apr 162015

DanvilleApr2On a dark, rainy Thursday night, Danville Junction Grange #65 observed their annual Open Meeting in conjunction with National Grange Month.? They welcomed forty people in a cozy, festive atmosphere to celebrate their 140th Birthday!? The dessert table was laden with cheese, crackers, fresh fruit, and all kinds of yummy desserts, including birthday cupcakes.

The upstairs hall was decorated with a large birthday banner (shown in the photo) donated by Steven Haycock.? A bulletin board also was decorated in a birthday theme.

State Officers in attendance were Master Victoria Huff, Overseer Rick Grotton, and Flora Debra Ivers.

Wes Ryder read an original poem entitled “140th Anniversary of Danville Junction Grange #65”, which included a lot of historical facts about the grange.? A list of several people who had sent birthday greetings on Facebook, including National Lady Assistant Steward Chris Hamp, was read.???Counselor David Young brought birthday greetings from the City of Auburn.

Delightful musical entertainment was provided by Kathy Haley and her daughter Shawna Haley-Bear.

DanvilleAprState Master Victoria Huff presented? 65-year Membership Certificates to Wesley Ryder and Julien Beaulieu, accepted by his nephew, Bob Bealieu. (Shown in the photo.)? Unable to be present, the following people will?receive ?Membership Certificates at a later date:? Russell Hammond (80 years), Dorothy Coffin (70 years), Shirley Keene (60 years), Ernest James (55 years), Elaine Brewer (40 years), Henrietta Hines (40 years), Edith Lyons (40 years), and Mary Thornton (25 years).

A Community Citizen Award was presented to Norman Smith for all the many things he does to aid those in the community.? Appreciation Awards were given out by Lecturer Thelma Quimby to Kathy Haley, Shawna Haley-Bear, Louise Roberts, Vicki Huff, and Kathy Lorrain, who was unable to attend.

Androscoggin Pomona Lecturer Steven Haycock presented Glenys Ryder, who recently retired as Lecturer of Danville Junction Grange after fifteen years with a Past Lecturer’s Pin and a letter of congratulations from National Lecturer Jim Tetreault.

It was a wonderful evening and a great celebration of our 140th Birthday!


Apr 152015

A Degree Day will be held on Sunday, April 19, at Danville Junction Grange #65, Old Danville Road and Grange Street in Auburn, at 4 p.m.? The degrees will be conferred by members of Androscoggin Pomona Grange #1.? A light luncheon for a small fee will be served between the second and third degrees.? Any Grange having candidates is welcome to bring them.? They should be there by 3:45.? All Grange members are welcome to attend.

Sagadahoc Pomona Grange will be instructing the Fifth Degree on Wednesday evening, April 29. We begin with a pot luck supper at 6 p.m., and the meeting and degree beginning at 7 p.m. The meeting is at Enterprise Grange in Richmond that evening. If your Grange has candidates for the degree, we would be happy to have them join us. Please be sure they have proper credentials to take the degree. Several guest officers will assist on the degree team, with Sister Laurie McBurnie acting as Master. Those on the degree team are reminded that there will be a rehearsal on Sunday, April 26.

Androscoggin Pomona Grange #1 will meet at West Minot Grange on Wednesday May?6.??There will be a 6:30pm paid supper with a 7:30pm meeting. The Officer’s will be conferring the Fifth Degree or the Degree of Pomona. ?There will also be a 50/50 raffle and an attendance drawing. ?Any Grange members who would like to take the degree should contact or for more information please contact Pomona Lecturer Steven Haycock at href="granger04071ataoldotcom">granger04071ataoldotcom or call 998-2586.

Apr 152015
NelsonRobert and Agnes Nelson, Co-directors

The weather is finally changing, I hope. Today is beautiful. It looks like we are going to get some much better weather this week. The snow seems to be going slowly. The farmers are waiting patiently to get onto the fields. Between the snow and the mud it will be awhile before it actually happens here. We are beginning to see a number of deer and turkeys in the fields. Several deer have been hit crossing the road near our house on Route 139 in Thorndike already.

We were at Ingraham’s Open House April 8th. They had a really good crowd. The sun was shining but the wind was really cold that day. They had breakfast in the morning and lunch around noon. Dirigo Grange members helped serve the food that day. We sold Ag Scholarship Raffle Tickets and talked with people. It was a successful day.

We will be having a Grange judges meeting for Grange fair exhibits in a couple weeks. We could use a few more interested grange members as judges this year. If there are any willing to help out please contact Bob and I at 568-3479 or state grange headquarters ASAP. We will be attending a fair meeting at Fryeburg next month.


Webmaster’s Note: The Ag Scholarship information is also available on the page “Program Books and Information.”