Oct 312018

For the past five years, I have had the distinct pleasure to present the following awards. It has given me great pleasure to do this and to be able to add more.

Community Service is all about giving back to community, individuals, those less fortunate than yourself, those too proud to ask for help and just because. I am proud of our committee for doing just that each year. We pride ourselves on giving back to the Subordinate and Pomona Granges.

I would also like to explain that the Officer/Firefighter and Educator of the Year for the Maine State Grange have also been submitted to both the National Contest and the Northeast Regional Contest. These are two separate awards. You do not have to win one to get to the other. You can win both or just one.

Our Educator of the year was nominated by Danville Junction Grange and they gave a wonderful narrative of all the things Crystal Ward does. ?Crystal taught for 34 years between Crosby Junior High and Lewiston High School. Crystal has been a part of many organizations and committees striving to help teachers, students, and retired teachers. In conclusion, Crystal has worked continuously for 44 years at the local, state and national levels, she is still currently involved. In her own words, “Keeping in touch with Maine’s Representatives and Senators and providing information to protect public education is important to me because ALL students need to be served well and be given an opportunity to succeed.” With all that being said, Maine State Grange Community Service Committee is proud to present this Certificate of Recognition along with $100.00 check to AREA Backpack program to our “Educator of the Year 2018” Crystal Ward.

Officer of the Year was nominated by Valley Grange and they also gave an excellent narrative of the reasons why they nominated Officer Kane. Besides being in law enforcement since 1989, doing all kinds of jobs from dispatch to patrol, to DARE instructor. Piscataquis Community High School Principal said of Lt. Kane, “I have been principal at six different schools in four different counties and the best law enforcement individual I have met is Jamie Kane. If there is ever an issue, Lt. Kane will be there.” Lt. Kane has given his personal time to service in the community from helping a family in need get the services and help they needed, and helping children in the DARE program. For these and I am sure many more reasons it is my pleasure to present Lt. Kane this certificate of recognition as Maine State Grange Officer of the Year for 2018 along with this check of $100 to Valley Grange to continue their dictionary program.

Firefighter/EMT of the Year was nominated by Riverside Grange who have nothing but great things to say about Mike Bayer. Mike Bayer went above and beyond for a family in our community when their loved on passed away at home. He not only responded (one of the first) he stayed until the end even after the body was taken. In the words of Lebanon Fire Chief “Mike is the one-man crew, he will listen at home for calls and respond first every time he is able.” Mike will also work on any and all the community service projects that the fire station is involved in, for all of these reasons and for the ones yet to come, I am proud to present this certificate of recognition and check in the amount of $100.00 to Mike Bayer of Lebanon Fire.

Next are the awards for community service books and family, health and hearing contest. First, I will present a check in the amount of $50.00 to the Grange who spoke 10 times this month about items from the FH & H list and that would be Maple Grove #48. Thank you very much for your dedication and commitment to family, health & Hearing.

Community Service Books this year were very difficult again to judge. There were only 2? points separating the top five books. They needed to be judged by extra individuals again this year, so I am very proud to present these checks tonight. Remember, the first-place book needs to go on to National so I will be keeping it.

Fourth place and a check of $50.00 goes to Saco Grange #53

Third place and a check of $150.00 goes to Maple Grove Grange #48

Second place and a check of $200.00 goes to Danville Junction Grange #65

And this year’s first place winners with a check for $250.00 and a chance at National goes to Bangor Grange #372.

Congratulations to everyone who entered this year. Books are looking wonderful and it is great to see everything that everyone is doing.

This last award was new last year and this year I opened it to all the Granges to nominate a Granger of the Year who goes above and beyond in Community Service. This award is very near and dear to our committee, when I took over five years ago there were four individuals who people told me to go to. They would be my “go to” people when it came to needing help in community service. Glenys Ryder, Victoria Huff, Norma Haines and this year’s Granger of the Year, Ann Burns. Ann has given to her community and the surrounding communities for years. She gets involved in local and county services and gives it her all. I am proud and privileged to give Ann Burns this certificate of recognition and a check for $100.00 to continue with her good works.

Oct 312018

We will be having Deputy School / School of Instruction at State Grange Headquarters in Augusta on Saturday, December 1, 2018, starting at 10:00 A.M. and concluding by 12:30 P.M. ?Anyone may attend who wishes.? Bring a bag lunch with you.

State Officers’ Meeting will start at 1:30 ending by 2:30.

We will work on the Flag presentation, your duties and things to talk about at the meetings, including Junior Grange, and we will be reading a portion of the Code Book / Secret Work.?? Please bring your Manual with you, (regardless of the year) and codebook if you have one.? State Officers please bring your Sixth Degree Manual with you if you have one.

Thank you for accepting this very important appointment.? State Officers and Deputies are the direct representatives of the State Master to the Granges across the state.? With such a large state as we have, these positions are especially important.? Please contact me when you need to with any questions, concerns, problems, etc.

Our Subordinate Deputies this year will make a concerted effort to visit each Subordinate Grange at least once, giving the Grange assistance with opening and closing a meeting, presenting honored guests, balloting for candidates and draping the Charter.? If a Grange does not have many members that attend the meetings, you may want to invite some other members to go along and help fill in where needed for the evening.

I will look forward to seeing you at on Dec.1, 2018. Please let me know if you are unable to attend.? We will reschedule if bad weather, call my cell, 432-6386.

Oct 312018

Dear Maine State Grangers,

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with all of you at your State Session.? Thank you for your wonderful hospitality.? We felt like one of the family.? Thank you for the wonderful Maine gift basket of goodies. ?

We enjoyed seeing the similarities of our two states and seeing the differences.? We wish you all the best as you enter your 146th year! ?

Harry said one thing he is going to take to our session. When you ballot you get candy on your way by the Graces’ stations.? We in Colorado are going to adopt that practice!

Harry & Cindy Greer

National Representatives?

Oct 272018

Winthrop grange #209 hosted a free sewing class. Our instructor Kathy Ward assisted these ladies with making these wonderful bags. There were lots of laughs while they created a new library tote bags!

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Oct 252018

Valley Granges first Dictionary Day of the was covered by WABI-TV-5.

For the seventeenth year, Valley Grange kicked off their Words for Thirds Dictionary Day Program with a visit to the Grange Hall by approximately 60 third graders from SeDoMoCha Elementary School from Dover Foxcroft. Program Director Walter Boomsma noted that according to records at the Dictionary Project, the Guilford Grange will have distributed 2,766 dictionaries by the end of this year. “But what’s best is not the total,” he said. “What’s best is that we really believe we are having an impact one dictionary and one kid at a time.” Boomsma believes that the kids get excited not simply because they are getting the gift of a book. “We place a sticker in the front that says we are giving them a dictionary and ‘all the words in it.’ They do seem to get how empowering that can be.”

The Grange is currently distributing dictionaries in four school districts and five schools. Two of the districts visit the Grange Hall to learn some Grange History and Practice. The presentation includes a brief presentation by a Civil War Reenactor. This year Corporal Bennett “recruited”third-grade teacher Mrs. Chelsea Grant and the kids really enjoyed watching him outfit her for duty.

Valley Grange Master Jim Annis notes that the program truly has become a rite of passage in the area. He loves to tell the story of two young girls at church telling him that they were in third grade and “that means we get our dictionaries this year.”

“We’re all about building strength in our rural communities,” Boomsma points out, noting that a program like this is only possible because “the communities we serve support us with fundraising and volunteer help when we need it. It’s a real win/win when you think about it because we are working together to build strong kids and strong communities. We know we are making a difference.”

This year’s Dictionary Day for SeDoMoCha was covered by WABI-TV5 and Fox 22/ABC 7. You can view the coverage by WABI-TV5 by visiting their website:


Oct 252018

Awarding Certificates, as a way of thanking our Veterans, at Maine’s 145th State Convention, was a welcomed addition this year. It was great seeing everyone again and I would like to thank, the few Youth who took time out of their busy schedules to attend.

Youth Lecturer, Holly Welch offered a short program, during Saturday mornings opening session. She read a speech from the 2018 Northeast Youth Conference and had a fun Impov. Thank you National Ceres, Cindy Greer, Honorary Youth Member, Marilyn Stinson and Arnold Stinson, who answered the Improv Speaking Contest question in 2 minutes.

The Youth Table and 50/50, after expenses net $256,?how will they spend this? We lost/misplaced a bolo tie. Please let Terry LaCombe-Stevens know if you find it. This year’s Raffel winners are: Mary Colson, Mike Griffen x 2, Ticket 630339, Laurie Mcburnie, Debbie Overs, Chris Corliss, Terry LaCombe-Stevens, Norma H, Christine Herbert, Agnes Nelson, Marilyn Stinson, Elizabeth V, Susie Faulkner, Charley H, Emily Parsons, Sue Verrill, CJ, Holly Welch, Nancy Green, Gloria Ross, Terry Wilson, Stanley Douglas, and Lois Zezima! The 50/50 was won by Brenda Dyer. Thank you all for your help this year. A special thank you to Committee Member, Tim Wilson for all his hard work.

Mini golf Participant ribbons were awarded to Peter – Mt Phillip, Jimmy, Greg, and Rick- Chelsea 215, Holly, Roberta, and Steven- Danville Junction 65 and Vicki – Hollis 132

4th Place(and a hole in one) Norma and Suzie, Danville Junction 65

3rd Place Patty and Gloria, Waterboro 432

2nd Place CJ- Enterprise Grange 48 and Dean- Hollis Grange 132

1st Place Ribbons went to Judy – Chelsea Grange 215 and Moe -Enterprise Grange 48

Congratulations to each and every one of you.

We are sorry to be losing Marilyn Stinson, Honorary Youth Committee Member to our Junior Department. She has been very helpful this year. Terry and Harriet Spencer, have agreed to help us this year should we need advice.

The Youth Committee?will meet at Camp Dorothy, 2380 Hudson Road, Hudson ME, December 8th @2pm. We will discuss this year’s activities and programs. In February we plan on meeting at State Grange Headquarters.

This year, we plan on filling every office with a Youth. We ask that each and every person consider helping. REMEMBER……many hands make light work.

Our Youth Calendar will be posted this month. We look forward to working with all Youth Grangers this year and we hope to secure the Brooks Grange for Youth and meetings.

Oct 252018

We have posted a copy of State Master Sherry’s 2018 Address to the site as a PDF?Masters Address 2018?which means you can view it, download it, and print it to share with members. Sherry asked that we also post:

“I would also add a personal THANK YOU to David Gowen, Deputy for taking over the Chief Deputy duties during the session and running the soundboard.? I appreciate you stepping up to help us out so efficiently, WELL DONE.? And to Kathy, his assistant, thanks. ?

Thank you to Clay Collins for filling in as Chaplain for the Session and presenting the Memorial Service.? I appreciate your assistance and a memorable service. ?

There are many others I am pleased to say assisted before, during and after the session. I can’t thank them enough!? The Deputies and others, unloading and reloading the trucks and trailer, Terry and Henry for bringing the things we need, just a great group to get things accomplished.? I am proud to say you are “Grangers.”? Thank you State Officers for being there and also thank you from Cindy and Harry for your hospitality. ?

To those who attended the session and contributed in any way Thank-you for coming.”

Sherry Harriman, Master

Oct 252018

This is the group of 18 Veterans present at session to receive the Veterans Certificates for the Patriot Program. We read several patriotic poems written by Maine members and sang all 5 Service Hymns during the reading of the list of 125 Certificates. Richard and I also presented each Veteran with a Veteran Flag pin and will see that all on the list get a pin. There were 4 different types of certificates, one for WWII Veterans, one for Korean Veterans, one for Vietnam Veterans and the fourth one for other conflicts.? I ordered the certificates from National Grange, this program was sponsored by Potomac Grange #1 in Washington DC.? Thank you to those Granges who provided the names and information for their Veterans.? If I missed anyone, I certainly can order more certificates or you can order them yourselves.

Oct 242018


I’d like to offer my deepest apologies for being absent at our annual convention. Mary, my wife, was taken ill on Wednesday night, was admitted to the hospital, and spent two days under care. She was released late Friday afternoon, but not in time to make our way to the convention. In order to present the legislative resolutions, I asked Walter Boomsma to contact Steven Haycock to step into the shoes of the presenter and he graciously complied. Thank you, Steve.

Below listed is the report I had intended to present to the conference.

Annual Report

Legislative Committee?2018


Worthy Master, Officers of the Maine State Grange, Delegates, Brothers, and Sisters.

This has been an interesting year in that we didn’t do a thing! The only resolution?that needed some action had to be put before the Maine Legislature. The?Legislature was only working on hold over bills. Anything new was not?allowed in the second year of a term. And 2017 was the second year of a term. So, the?resolution approved for sending to the Legislature in 2017 will be submitted by the?Legislative Committee. This will be presented this year along with many other new?bills.

Of the 19 resolutions to be presented to you today, nine of them were sent to the?Legislative Committee. All of the 9 resolutions will need to be made into bills for the?Maine Legislature.

I have two Representatives and one Senator in my district I can submit resolutions to.?However, three resolutions per legislator is quite a burden when you consider they have?other constituent bills to promote. If anyone knows of a legislator who wouldn’t mind?submitting one or more of our resolutions, please let me know. In the meantime, I’ll?speak to the other members of this committee to see if they can help.

Thank you.


Thank you so much for your patience.

Oct 232018

At a recent meeting of Danville Junction Grange, membership certificates were awarded to two longtime members. Shirley Hatch (left) was presented with a 70-year certificate and Cynthia Maxwell with a 60-year certificate for continuous membership in the Grange. Both of these ladies are still very active at Danville Junction Grange, working on the public suppers, arranging displays at the county fairs, and numerous other tasks.

Also receiving membership certificates, but not present at the meeting, were as follows: Ernest James 55-year, Ralph Lashua 55-year, Fred Field 60-year, Cathy Thayer 65-year, and Donald Proctor 70-year.