Nov 172020

By Walter Boomsma  (webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg)  ,
MSG Communications Director
207 343-1842

Communication Shorts are brief (short) but important items posted for your information and use, including Degree Days and Officer Installations. During the pandemic, we are also listing local events sponsored by local Granges.

Your purchase will benefit the Maine Grange Foundation–not just on Black Friday!

Outdoor Safety Reminder

Firearms hunting season is underway. It is still very safe to fish, hike, and explore, but please wear orange or a bright neon color to be extra safe. The water is very cold – if spending time on the water, please use caution and wear your lifejacket, it can save your life.

Updated ODD Directory-print version

There have been a few changes to the ODD (Officers, Directors, Deputies) Directory. Download and print the latest version.

When Donating…

We’ve heard of more than a few cases where item donations are not being accepted due to COVID-19 restrictions, including some food cupboards that are requesting cash instead. You may want to check with the intended recipient before collecting items!

Website News

The online directories have been updated–both the Directory of Granges and the online ODD Directory. If you haven’t tried these, you should! You can sort them in different ways and search too!

Got Style?

When speaking, are you engaging in “verbal pollution?” Verbal pollution refers to adding repeating words such as “You know,” “like,” “OK? It’s usually easy to notice in others but a habit that can be hard to break!

Do You Have FOMO?

“FOMO” is, of course, a Fear Of Missing Out. One strongly recommended treatment is to subscribe to the Maine State Grange Website. We’ll send you a daily summary whenever news and columns are posted, and we won’t share your email address with anyone!

Online Directories Available 24-7

  • The ODD Directory features all state officers, directors, and deputies with contact information.
  • The Directory of Granges features all Granges in the state with a contact person. Please make sure your listing is correct!

Bulletin Reminder

As a reminder, columns and news items for the monthly printed Bulletin are due by the fifteenth of the month. Columns and news items for the website can be submitted at any time.

Note that when you subscribe to the Maine State Grange Website we do not share your email address with others and only use it to send you–at the most–one email per day when new information is posted.

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