Nov 142020

By Marilyn Stinson  (beedlehillattwcdotcom)  
207 824-2291
and Terry LaCombe Stevens  (terryllcacombeatgmaildotcom)  ,
207 356-2492

We ask the lecturers of every Subordinate/Community Grange, whether or not they have any children in their halls, to plan at least one meeting to make their members aware of the Junior Programs.

There are changes in the way Granges are presenting Words for Thirds dictionaries this year and we have an abundance of bookmarks promoting Junior Grange.?? We are happy to send bookmarks to any Grange for a donation to include with the dictionaries. There is plenty of room on the back so you can put a label on them with your local contact information.

The cost for sending 10 bookmarks is 70c and for 25 is $1.60. Can you help grow our Juniors?

 Here are some reminders from the Junior Grange Handbook for 2021. LET’S GROW JUNIORS – “Reach for the Stars!”


Please encourage your kids to get involved.  Save the crafts for July Family Camp-out for judging, please. Or take them to the Junior Challenge Meeting in April (if COVID allows it). Can you think of something relating to ‘Reach for the Stars’?

 January – Do a Re-cycle Craft to share at the Virtual Meeting on the 16th at 10:00. Share your Re-cycle Craft.


Use your own imagination for your own project… plastic lids or tubs, paper towel or toilet tissue rolls, used greeting cards, jars or cans that have no sharp nicks, any clean item that might be thrown away!

Turn it into a decoration or usable object. Use ribbon, colored paper, stickers, whatever strikes your fancy. If you use a glue gun or super glue, have parental guidance, PLEASE!!

 New crafts/activities for 2021 are Clay Creations. Use modelling clay that does not dry out, please, and create whatever you want. Size not to exceed 6x6x6.  Remember Play Doh dries out and falls apart so please use regular modelling or craft clay. Those who attended the Fall Grow Meeting received modeling clay in your gift buckets.

 And… Legos!! Create something original from odds & ends and parts & pieces of Legos, not just put a kit together. Use a plastic cake taker from a dollar store to put it in so your pieces don’t get lost if it falls apart, but it can be seen and carried to Family Campout for judging and to exhibit at Windsor and Litchfield Fairs. Miss Terry donated the cake carriers to whoever was at Grow Juniors September 2020 or goes to Spring Challenge in April 2021. They are only $1.00 plus 6c tax. The cake takers are about 10 ? inches across with a dome about 4 ? inches high.

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