Program Books and Information


Agriculture Committee

Willie (Wilma) Grenier  (maitcatmainedotgov)  , Director
(207) 437-2099

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Communications Department

Walter Boomsma  (webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg)  , Director
(207) 343-1842
(See also the Website/Social Media Section)

ODD Directory

  • Directory of Granges is available online and will help you locate a Grange and provide a contact person for it.
  • Directory of Officers provides an online list of state officers, directors, and deputies with basic contact information. There is also a printed version available for download: ODD Directory

Communication and Publicity Resources

Monthly Bulletins

Note that Bulletins require legal size paper for printing. The most recent issue is at the top of the list. Contributions must be received by the 15th of the month and the Bulletin is released by the Communications Department within a day or two of that deadline.

Meeting and Ritual Resources

Miscellaneous Communication Resources

  • National Grange Public Awareness Guide (a bit dated but the basics are excellent and will help you consider how to create good public awareness by communication.)
  • National Grange Community Program Guide (a bit dated but covers the basics of developing and effectively communicating your Grange’s community programs.)
  • NPR (National Public Radio) Training website. “We created this site for the journalists working in public media but kept it open for all to learn from. In this constantly changing media world…” While this may seem a bit “over the top” for the average Granger working on communications and publicity, there’s some “good stuff” here like “A Guide to Making Awesome Photos…” ideas about headlines and social media.
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Community Service – Family Health & Hearing

Christine Corliss  (christinecorlissatymaildotcom)  , Director
(207) 457-6265

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CWA (Committee on Women’s Activities)

Margaret Henderson  (mlhenderson505atgmaildotcom)  , Director
(207) 948-2762

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Deacon’s Bench

Clay Collins  (claycollins1atyahoodotcom)  , MSG Chaplain
(207) 837-0564

2020 Memorial Service a short memorial tribute to Grangers who’ve passed during the 2019-2020 Grange Year.

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Educational Aid/Howes Nurse Scholarship

Gerald Libby  (gerryatthelibbysdotorg)  , Chairman
(207) 778-3298

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Fundraising Committee

Norma Meserve,  (meserve1965atgmaildotcom)   Chairman

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Grange Month 2021 Resources

Grange Month is typically celebrated in April of every year by holding open houses and presenting “Community Citizen of the Year” awards. (You can order the certificate from the National Grange Supply Store.)

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Historical Resources

Stanley Howe  (chestanatmegalinkdotnet)  , Historian
(207) 824-2291

  • Granges in Maine: The Historic Role of The Grange as Rural Community Center and How It Has Evolved This is a link to a one-hour program on Maine Calling featuring past State Master Vicki Huff and Walter Boomsma, author of Exploring Traditions–Celebrating the Grange Way of Life
  • Grange Issue of the Courier Newsletter The Courier is the History Journal of the Bethel Historical Society and this particular issue (Vol. 34, No. 1 2010) is all about the Grange! Have you wondered how CWA started and what it was originally called? Did you know that the earliest appearance of the Grange in Maine actually predated the founding of the first subordinate Grange? Have you ever wondered who was the first woman master of a subordinate grange? You’ll find the answers–and a whole lot more–in this newsletter.
  • Don’t forget to visit the Books Page for information about books that are available regarding Grange History.
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Junior Committee

Marilyn Stinson  (Beedlehillattwcdotcom)  , Co-Director
(207) 737-2611
Terry LaCombe Stevens  (terryllacombeatgmaildotcom)  , Co-Director
(207) 356 2492

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Lecturer’s Resources

Margaret Morse  (mmorse850atcomcastdotnet)  , Maine State Grange Lecturer
(207) 439-0413

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Legislative Committee

Stephen Call  (samo519atmidmainedotcom)  , Director
(207) 852-5795

The items listed below are “dated,” but potentially useful reference material.

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Maine Grange Farmers’ Initiative

Steve Verrill, organizer
(207) 998-2301
Toby Martin  (mtmdottpsmailatyahoodotcom)  , organizer
(207) 734-8140

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Membership Committee

Rick Grotton  (rictiataoldotcom)  , Director
(207) 582-5915

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Miscellaneous Resources

Contact Webmaster  (webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg)  

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National Grange Resources

Note that there are only a few select items listed here for your convenience. There are many additional resources, forms, etc. available direct from the National Grange Website.

Grange Values PSA Ads–these are the advertisements promoting the Grange Value of Food Security–free for all Granges to use!

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Secretary Resources

Sharon Morton  (mainestategrangeatmyfairpointdotnet)  , Maine State Grange Secretary
(207) 485-6197

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Treasurer Resources

Vicki Huff  (granger1atmainedotrrdotcom)  , Maine State Grange Treasurer
(207) 699-2830

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Website Information

Walter Boomsma  (webmasteratmainestategrangedotorg)  , Webmaster
(207) 343-1842

Please check Communications Resources as well!

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Youth Committee

Director position is vacant–visit National Grange Website for information.

The below listing information is from 2020, we are verifying whether or not this program will be continued.

The Grange Hero Program is a theme and brand developed by National Grange that can be used very effectively by local and Pomona Granges. It will also be used as a theme for Grange Month 2019. Start with the “Cape Use Guide” for an overview.

  • Grange Hero Cape Use Guide is a twenty-page guide explaining interesting details and guidelines behind the program. 
  • Grange Hero Use Guide- one page is a very short version that focuses on some of the more important guidelines contained in the booklet.
  • Grange Heroes Poster is an 8?x11 visual that explains some of the things Grange Heroes do… 
  • Purchase Capes! This link will take you directly to the Grange Store where you can purchase hero capes for $7.50! 

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  1. Thank you for posting these here. I’m hoping you will have the Lecturer’s book soon. I have been unable to get my Lecturer’s material from our delegates to state session.

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  5. Hi, I’m trying to find how to do our own grange brochure. I’m not very good with computers I know a little bit. I read somewhere most computers have a template where you can design a brochure but I don’t know where. Can some one help me? We’re trying to upgrade our grange Also, how do I get anything on our own grange website? Thank You.

    • Sherrilee… I’ve replied to you directly with some thoughts, suggestions, and information. Congratulations on your continuing effort to “upgrade” your Grange… and thanks for your inspiration. I’ll use my email to you as the basis for a post to the site with suggestions for all Granges who want to have a brochure available.

  6. My mother-in-law Winona Spaulding who was the state junior director many years ago has passed and we would like to donate money that people have sent to the junior grange in her memory. Is this possible? Who would I send it to?

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  8. Does anyone know when the grange hall was built in Parsonsfield, Maine (I own it)?

    Chris Boyd

  9. I am looking for an electronic copy of the 2016 community service grant application, and when does the grant close?


  10. Thank you to all who have put together their programs, and thanks to Walter for posting them, Christine

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